The Feministische FrühlingsUniversität 2016 calls for Papers, Actions and Activists

PDF: FFU16_CallForPapersActionsActivists_de_en_extended

The Feministische FrühlingsUniversität (FFU, ‘Feminist Spring University’) takes place from May 13th – 16th 2016 in Innsbruck. Therefore, we ask you to send in your ideas in order to create an exciting and diverse programme for all participants. Women*, Lesbian*, Inter* and Trans* people are welcome to participate both individually and as a group, organization, or initiative. We are looking for critical academic, adventurous, artistic or athletic contributions, which aim to implement (queer__)feminism. This year, we also call for (queer__)feminist activists who want to share their activist knowledges in the context of oral their*her*history.

The FFU has experienced and produced a lot of [:Movement*s:] and dedicates itself to challenge power relations within societies in support of anti-racist and (queer_)feminist activism as well as creating space for (queer_)feminist theory and much more. Thirty years have passed since the third FrauenSommerUniversität (FSU, ‘Women’s Sum- mer University’) took place in Innsbruck for the first time and immediately caused a stir. The FFU’16 wants to focus on the topic [:Movement*s:], but you are welcome to bring in other topics without any restrictions. The theme focusses on three different kinds of [: Movement*s:]:

[:Movement*s:] of body|norms

[:Movement*s:] within labour

[:Movement*s:] in their*her*history

[:Movement*s:] of body|norms
Ableist body images and body norms that are transmitted on a daily basis have disabling impact, that leave little leeway. Challenging these norms could be part of your contribution. Moreover, [:moving:] bodies are worth to be considered here, since especially in sports norms of binary gendered bodies and their performances are actively reinforced.

[:Movement*s:] within labour
Different valuations of labour, efficiency and knowledges do not only re_create societal inequalities, but also legitimate a division of labour based on heteronormative binary gender norms. It is important to us that not only wage labour is addressed but also care work, subsistence labour, internships, and volunteer work, as well as other kinds of labour. You can also talk about labour[:Movement*s:] and their effects.

[:Movement*s] in their*her*history
[:Movement*s:] in their_her_history and their_her_hi*stories in [:movement:] should become visible. Therefore, we are looking for stories of (queer_)feminist activism and (queer_)feminist movements – not only, but also of People of Colour, Black activists, of people who experience dis__abilities, of workers and people who experience unemployment.

Activists in [:Movement*s:]
We are not only looking for complete contributions that can be included in the programme of the FFU, but also for individuals, who are interested in sharing their activist knowledges and their own (queer_)feminist their*her*history with other participants in the setting of an oral their*her*history and networking café.

Perceive [:Movement*s:]
The FFU’16 itself wants to broaden minds in all directions – up and down, sideways and back and forth – as well as give non-participants the possibility to do so. We want to enable these perspectives and facilitate possibilities to document the FFU, so that knowledges can be spread not only during, but also after the FFU’16. We are planning to submit documentation to feminist archives. However, the documentation depends on the voluntary contribution of all participants. A possible publication about the FFU’16 is on the table.

Create [:Movement*s:]
The FFU’16 has the goal to facilitate taking up space and re_creating networks – networks between various (queer_) feminist activists. A lot of space is taken by discriminative structures of societies and the FFU’16 aims to fight these structures, take space and make noise.

Therefore, we will favour contributions of and with people of varying ages, different knowledges, residences and living conditions as well as contributions of and with trans*-, inter* individuals, People of Color, Black people, and people who experience dis_abilities. At the FFU’16 there will be rooms which participants can take over as safer spaces for certain needs.

What exactly can be handed in?
The FFU’16 thrives upon people who are willing to share their ideas via the Call for Papers and Call for Actions. The programme will be based on these contributions which can be workshops, group discussions, a theatre or dance performance, creating Zines, producing a radio show, a party, a talk, a concert, a reading, an exhibition, a film-screening or do sports together and much more.
You can hold on the suggested topics or hand in a different subject.
It is important to us to make the FFU’16 as accessible as possible. The contributions should actively work against discriminatory societal structures like sexism, racism, nationalism, ableism, anti-semitism, homophobia, trans*phobia or other. The programme is aimed at people within as well as outside the academia.

Your ideas can be submitted in written form (1-2 pages) until the 14th of April 2016.
Please make sure that your contribution includes the following information:
• title of your idea and your name/s
• description of your idea
• what kind of premises you need
• which materials you need
• how much time it will take
• who and how many people can participate
• is there a target group you want to draw your attention to
• a few words about yourself and with which pronoun (if any) you would like to be addressed • your motivation for the submission (optional)
• if childcare, assistance, translation or any other support is required
If your contribution / idea is chosen for the programme of the FFU’16 you will be contacted to talk about the acces- sibility of your contribution.

If you want to share your activist knowledges and_or your own (queer_)feminist their*her*history in the setting of an oral their*her*history- and networking café, you are welcome to write us an email until April 7th 2016 with the following information:
• Your name
• a few words about yourself and with which pronoun (if any) you would like to be addressed • your motivation for the submission (optional)
• if childcare, assistance, translation or any other support is required

Financial support / compensation for expenses
The organizing team of the Feministische FrühlingsUniversität aims to raise sufficient funds to honor all contributions. Unfortunately, we cannot account for the amount of financial support at the moment. However, we will definitely cover accommodation and material costs. If it is possible for us, we will pay a compensation for expenses and, if necessary, cover the travel costs.

Important informations:
Contributions should be send to: call@frauenuni.at
Closing date Contributions: March 31th 2016
Closing date Activists stories: April 7th 2016